Pomatomus Saltatrix | The Shad or Elf

The Shad (species: Pomatomus saltatrix – Lineaus), also known in South Africa as Elf, in Australia as Tailor and the USA as Bluefish, is a member of the order Perciformes and family Pomatomidae, and is a popular angling and food fish especially in KwaZulu Natal where people of Indian origin find it extremely desirable…

Read the Article at: Shad or Elf | Pomatomus Saltatrix

This Article has been moved – see reason here:  https://mosselbaai.wordpress.com/2013/05/24/changing-times/


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  1. #1 by Jason Gessner on 05/11/2012 - 15:01

    Fish stocks are under threat more than ever and every fishermen, regardless of colour / culture, needs to respect the laws put in place to protect a species. We don’t do wrong just because others do. Thats the bottom line.

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