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Pomatomus Saltatrix | The Shad or Elf

The Shad (species: Pomatomus saltatrix – Lineaus), also known in South Africa as Elf, in Australia as Tailor and the USA as Bluefish, is a member of the order Perciformes and family Pomatomidae, and is a popular angling and food fish especially in KwaZulu Natal where people of Indian origin find it extremely desirable…

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Wild Coast to KZN

photo of port st johns umzimvubu river

Port St Johns on the Umzimvubu River

Leaving Mazeppa we took N2 National Road as far as Umtata, then veered back towards the coast and Port St Johns. This scanic route winds it’s way through the rural part of the Eastern Cape to KwaZulu-Natal, along some really poor roads. It’s worth it though, this is maginificent landscape – anyone with a suitable vehicle and the time really should travel this region.

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Deep Water Mazeppa

photo of deep water at Mazeppa Bay

Access to deep water for shore anglers at Mazeppa

Deep water is only  a short cast from the rocks when fishing Mazeppa Bay in the Eastern Cape, South Africa. Whether an angler is looking for large sharks and rays, or a deep water edible species, Mazeppa Bay can be very productive at times.

Fishing Mazeppa – Day 2

Day two at Mazeppa began with a nice early start – the wind had changed direction to North East during the afternoon of day one, becoming so severe by late afternoon we decided to break from fishing and do some sightseeing instead. By 2.30 AM no-one had much interest in sleeping any longer. During the night the wind had dropped off completely, so off we headed to the ledges, determined to get baits in the water as soon as possible.

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On to Mazeppa Bay

photo of sea at mazeppa bay south africa

Mazeppa Bay, our first destination on the rugged Wild Coast. Mazeppa Bay is well-known for shore-based angling for big sharks. Sharp drop-offs from land to ocean result in deep water access close inshore, with the big sharks and rays coming within reach of cast-bait angling methods.

Mazeppa Bay Deep Water Fishing Spots

There are 3 popular deep water fishing spots around Mazeppa Bay; The Island, Boiling Pot and Shark Point. With a name like “Shark Point” what else could we expect to find except sharks. Situated just North of Mazeppa Bay village Shark Point has provided many anglers lot’s of battles with sharks over 100kg…

One of the species on my expedition list is the Zambezi shark (AKA the Bull shark). Zambezi’s get big – several hundred kilos and come very close inshore. Zambezi’s are probably responsible for most non-fatal  shark attack injuries in South African waters. They range from the tropical east coast to the Eastern Cape (in summer when the water is warmer). I haven’t before landed this species, so the Zambezi is high on my list of desireable fish to catch.

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Next Stop Kowie

kowie beach

One of the beaches at Port Alfred

Port Alfred on the Kowire River became the first real stop-over on our journey North. A pleasant town at the mouth of the Kowie River in the Eastern Cape, Port Alfred has magnificent clean beaches, good fishing (yes, fishing) and a wide choice of places to stay over.

Blaaukrans, J-Bay and PE

Leaving Vic Bay, we travelled the Garden Route north-east, by-passing Storms River (it’s a marine reserve so no fishing) and heading for Port Elizabeth. I really wanted to take the old road – through the Blaaukrans Pass, bu no way – the road is still closed to all but a handful of residents, so had to stay on the boring N2 highway, over the concrete bridge. I wonder if that road through the pass will ever get repaired and re-opened…

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Land at Cape St Francis

View from plot of land for sale in Cape St Francis, South Africa

View from plot of land Cape St Francis, South Africa (Jen's Desire)

Jen’s latest Desire – a Plot of Land

Standing on Jen’s Desire, a corner plot for sale in Cape St Francis, looking towards the bay. The plot is less than 10 minutes walk to the beach, and on the side of the hill. The hill gives protection from the raging South Westerly winds that storm through the area on what seems like a daily basis. Ah Jen, if only we didn’t have to work!

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