Morning Fishing near Pinnacle Point

Near Pinnacle Point Mossel Bay

Rock Fishing near Pinnacle Point, Mossel Bay

Up early today, long before sunrise, and on the road to Pinnacle Point to wet a line off the rocks.

Lugging a pair of rods, tackle bag, bait and refreshments down the trail, then clambering over rocks to find a promising looking spot.

Arriving so early there was only one other fisherman – who had spent most of the night fishing to feed his family.

Moving further down the coast; that is the great thing about Mossel Bay. One can find so many relatively under fished spots.

I’m always hoping for that icon of the Southern Cape Coast, the Galjoen. Once these fish were plentiful, but nowadays are very rare. So if I do happen to catch one, it gets quickly and carefully measured, tagged, and put back in the ocean.

But it was not a Galjoen day. Quite a number of Dassies decided to eat the rooiaas bait I offered, mostly on the small side (released to grow bigger), however 2 decent pan sze fish were kept for a late breakfast.

Looking for something a bit bigger, a Karanteen live bait was put out on a slide – what an excellent innovation that is, allowing us fisherman to put our baits much deeper, or to use really big baits (kg size and bigger) that are impossible to cast. But this produced no results today.

Tomorrow is another day, and the weather outlook is promising, so an early night, and I will try to have a line in the water an hour or 2 before first light.

Stywe Lyne!


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