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Christmas Greeting Messages

Happy Christmas Everybody

Christmas is a Christian Celebration and should be respected as such. Quite honestly I find this modern politically correct way of extending good wishes ‘Season’s Greetings’, ‘Compliments of the Season’ and so on ridiculous.

Have we in the Western World, largely based on Christian Culture, become so embarrassed by our traditions we are afraid to proclaim our heritage?

No one I know would say to an Islamic person ‘Seasons Greetings’ when acknowledging their important religious event Eid ulFitr. We would say ‘Happy Eid’ or something that mentions the event. If recognising the Jewish Rosh Hashanah we would say ‘Have a Good Year’ or ‘Shana Tova’.

Jewish and Moslem people are quite happy to say Happy Christmas to Westerners, yet we hesitate to do so among ourselves.

Seasons Greetings: What are we recognising

Are we celebrating the Winter season (in the North) or the Summer season (here in South Africa)?

Is Christmas an event to be forgotten, no more than a shopping, eating and drinking spree for us, a time for shopkeepers to make vast amount of money?

Here in South Africa we suddenly find Halloween being celebrated. Christians have not made a celebration of ‘All Saints Day’ or ‘All Hallows Eve’ as Halloween is correctly celebrated as for five decades or more. South Africans never celebrated this obscure pagan derived tradition – it was uniquely American, something to experience belonging to another diverse culture when visiting that nation. Yet we now greet people ‘Happy Halloween’

But we can’t say ‘Happy Christmas’

Neither Jen or I are particularly religious, so this I am not writing this to force Christianity on anyone. 


From Jennifer and Ray