Know the Job

Surely a Contractor Must Know the Job?

Wouldn’t you think a contractor, or a sub-contractor must know the work in order to be awarded a contract? Evidently this is not a requirement  any more.  How can a business award contracts, then hire someone else (who previously undertook the work) to instruct the new sub-contractors how to do it? Seems to me there’s something wrong with this equation.

To my mind, the contractor knows the work. He hires workers able to undertake the tasks, and instructs the workers how to do the job. Isn’t that the way it works. Apparently not. Sub-contractors get contracts without more than a very basic level of skill. I’ve had a welding team in the past month that may be OK to knock up a set of burglar bars or a braai stand, but have no idea how to run a weld for a pressure vessel. Hell, this so called contractor doesn’t even have an argon rig… they arrive on site with a couple of oil filled AC arc boxes – those kind you buy at Game or Makro.

I would never have been granted a contract if I didn’t have the plant to work with. If I arrived on site with out adequate tools, I would have been chased away.

Out of Business but Still Working

This is strange to me. Officially I am no longer a contractor, but I’m doing the same job, for the same  industrials. The only real difference is now I’m called an instructor, which means I’m supposed to teach the approved contractors how to do the job, which really makes no sense at all. Oh, and I’m getting paid more, much more.

I was Looking Forward to Unwanted Retirement

I had been looking forward to my unasked for retirement. Looking forward to trying my hand at something new. Then I got asked, or should I say had my arm twisted to hang around until after January next year to keep an eye on the new subs… And was made an ‘offer I could not refuse’.

So plans for fishing got shelved, plans to start looking at new business opportunities sidelined for now.

The house is on the market, but I’ve had to advise the agents occupancy will only be in 2013. Maybe that’s good, the market could improve and the price go up – unlikely I’m afraid. Nice thought however.

So there you have it – the reason I’ve not blogged for some time. But this weekend I am GOING FISHING


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