Victoria Bay

victoria bay

Victoria Bay, South Africa

One of the worst kept secrets on the Garden Route, Victoria Bay grew in recent years from a small quiet holiday resort to a small hamlet with a handful of semi-permanent residents. Originally there was only a camping ground, and later a small shop that opened during holidays and weekends. Victoria Bay in those days was a haven for surfers, and occasionally fishermen.

Vic Bay – First Stop

Victoria Bay is ony a short distance from Mossel Bay, so it may seem strange to make this the first stop on our journey North. However, it’s been some time since last I dropped a line in the water here, and after a late departure Jen and I decided to overnight here, do a bit of night and early morning fishing before continuing our expedition.

nissan bakkieNot bothering to pitch the tent or unpack, we spent the night in the back of the bakkie – as we have done so often before. (Heres the bakkie when a bit newer and still clean, and before the fancy fishing rod racks were fitted).

Long ago I discovered it’s much more convenient to pack most of the kit in a trailer… Then the bakkie doesn’t have a holiday load of camping gear to attract nefarious individuals when parked somewhere and away fishing. Once bitten twice shy!

Fishing Vic Bay

With only a short stay planned there was no expectation of great results, and so it was to be. The night produced a couple of blacktails, and a small Kob – undersize and released successfully. Early morning saw three small (legal size) elf before the sun rose too high. These were carefully packed in the mobile freezer (another great investment) for baits for another day. Breakfast consisted of the blacktails from the night before.

By ten o’clock the tackle was stowed away, rods locked in their racks, and showered and fed, we departed Victoria Bay to really begin our expedition northwards.

Ray the Fisherman


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  1. #1 by Mike on 28/02/2012 - 11:02

    Vic Bay: Been a while for me
    Vic used to be one of my regular surf and fishing spots in the mid 70’s to early 80’s. Back then Victoria Bay was really quiet and peaceful; weekdays only one or two other surfers and occasional fishermen.
    The surfers and fishermen used to camp on the ledge above where the cottages are today. Out of holidays and weekdays there was no charge to camp there, and only on Friday and Saturdays would we have to pay the incredibly low fee (even back then) of 20 cents a night.
    I caught a nice Garrick (leery) from the point – just around the corner on the southern side. Surfing could be really good too when conditions were just right.
    I still remember the Garden Route train, pulled by a steam Garret locomotive, crossing the bridge.
    Thanks Ray for jogging the memory of some really good times in Vic Bay…

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