The Unpleasant Tasks of the Boss

I had a really unpleasant task this morning: Telling my crew I will be moving on to hopefully greener pastures.

It’s one thing to fire a worker for an infringement, another thing altogether to have to tell them they will be out of  a job in the near future. Worse still when two of these guys have been part of a team for so many years.

It Could be Worse

Still it could be worse. They have about 4 months to find alternatives, and I have colleagues who I know will take on my long-term crewmen. Nor will they be left destitute, the two blokes who have been part of my crew for many years will have decent severance packages.

Thomas Plaaitjies could probably retire if he wanted to. Faisal is a darn good artisan, and learns fast too. The other two youngsters leave with good practical experience and on-the-job skills training.

This Affirmative Action thing is  a Disaster for All

I don’t want to get ‘political’ but it saddens me to see our local people who are considered ‘coloured’ get the short end of the stick. In the old days there were discriminated against and disadvantaged (no SA history lesson people) and today they are still discriminated against – “Affirmative Action ” is supposed to apply to them equally, but it doesn’t. These ‘previously disadvantaged’ communities are still as disadvantaged as they were in the past – many of them say more so now than before.

‘Affirmative Action’ has deprived my nation of hard to replace skilled workers, and those who stay are finding themselves  sidelined, often having little option but to look outside the borders for decent employment in their profession. It makes no sense whatsoever – our president tells the nation we are desperately short of technical ability, yet those who have the skill are not encouraged to make use of what they are able to give, the opposite in fact applies

Don’t take my words the wrong way – South Africa today is a better place for everyone in many ways, it’s the waste that is distressing.

Sad but Encouraged

That was me today. Sad by what had to be done, yet encouraged by the very positive response from these guys. They were more upset that I would be leaving the business than the possibility they may not find work. But that’s one of the reasons this job has been so enjoyable over the years – working with great people.

Encouraged too by the possibilities I can see in the future

Ray the Fisherman


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