Land at Cape St Francis

View from plot of land for sale in Cape St Francis, South Africa

View from plot of land Cape St Francis, South Africa (Jen's Desire)

Jen’s latest Desire – a Plot of Land

Standing on Jen’s Desire, a corner plot for sale in Cape St Francis, looking towards the bay. The plot is less than 10 minutes walk to the beach, and on the side of the hill. The hill gives protection from the raging South Westerly winds that storm through the area on what seems like a daily basis. Ah Jen, if only we didn’t have to work!

Jen’s response to that remark “Well, we won’t go hungry, you catch enough fish”. If we were teenagers, who knows. Jen, we would still have to pay for the land, build a house, and I really don’t think you want to eat fish every day! (And don’t tempt me, please).

St Francis Plot of Land

The site

In any case, although I really like the area, fishing is generally better in Mossel Bay, at least from the shore. I guess we could invest in a small boat (more to pay for Jen!).

But the peace and quiet of Cape St Francis! People still leave their doors unlocked when going out. Something just not done in South Africa today.

I could more than likely work in Port Elizabeth, about 100km by road. Not too practical to commute everyday, not with the price of petrol these days. So we would have to live there. Might as well stay where we are, at least MB is still a small town, without the chaos of a city of more than 300 000 inhabitants and fishing is “not too shabby either”. No Jen, I think we are here for at least a few more years.

OK, time to call in on my contracting broker, find out what is in store for the coming weeks. Afterwards it will nearly be time to throw a line. So pack the rods, tackle and bait before  leaving, and head down to the rocks afterwards. The last of the Leervis from Cape St Francis has been eaten, so some fresh fish will be welcome on the table tonight.


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