Great White Shark Poacher in Mossel Bay

Great White Poaching in Mossel Bay

Great white shark

Great White Shark (Wikipedia)

Responsible fishermen hooking a GW, or indeed any shark, will try very hard not to cause injury, and to ensure a successful release. Yes, anglers do sometimes hook Great White Sharks when fishing for other species – that cannot be helped. It has happened to me.

As a fisherman I know just how hard it can be to land a shark, or any fish of this size when angling from the rocks. The claim the shark was “washed onto the rocks by a wave” is nonsense

Even if circumstances had been as Mr Becker describes, the thing to do would have been to return the shark to the water immediately.

Sharks this size can be easily suffer internal injury when removed from the water. The best thing to do if a large shark is hooked, is to bring it as close as possible, then cut the line as close to the hook as possible, even if a few metres of line remains. A hook left in the sharks jaw will rust away in a very short time, and will have no long term ill-effect on the animal. (Only irresponsible anglers use stainless-steel hooks)

Shark photo worth a thousand words.

The published photos clearly tell the tale of Mr Becker’s involvement with this great white. The article Public Outcry Over George, South Africa Shark Hunter shows Mr Becker and his friends removing the shark from a calm sea. The line could easily have been cut while the fish was still in the water.

Mr Becker’s behaviour is a disgrace to the great bunch of fishermen who live and fish in the area. The excuse “did not have the strength” carries no weight. The photo shows him being assisted to remove the shark from the sea. Any of the responsible locals would have been glad to assist – to safely remove the hook and return the shark to the sea as quickly as possible.

From the “thumbs Up” photo, I would say I am of a similar build to Mr Becker: I fish mostly by myself, and am able to release fish successfully – it just takes a bit of care and effort.

Mr Becker, “Drinking and Driving” is also a crime, and your comment simply indicates the reprehensible nature of your character. No, we don’t all drink ourselves over the limit then get behind the wheel of a motor vehicle, it’s people like you that do that.

I live in Mossel Bay, which is close to George, and fish regularly – every day if possible, irresponsible behaviour of this type discredits all of the decent anglers.

Mr Becker will not be welcome on this coast in future.


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