End of Another Day

At last the evening arrives. No chance to fish today, only finished the daily grind and got home after 7pm.

Spent most of today around large industrial machinery. Filthy, dusty, and in real need of a shower. My crew had to replace a damaged boiler unit with a rebuilt unit. The engineer who inspected the old one decided it needed more work than could be done on site in the time permitted, as the plant wanted it back online as soon as possible. So out with the faulty unit, and the replacement boiler installed. 

On site at 5 this morning, and the old steamer disconnected, but a lot of time spent waiting for the mobile crane and rigging gear. You know how it goes; a delay with one job and everything following in line gets delayed as well. This was one we couldn’t do a Macgyver on with a forklift, or the job would have been finished much earlier (and a baited line dropped in the water) Anyway, the crew gets paid for a full day plus overtime, so they are happy.

Once we got the boiler in place, the rest of the job went smoothly, well as smoothly as this kind of work can go… Only a few minor adjustments for the fitter to take care of, and a bad packing that revealed itself on first pressure test. Around 5 o’clock a successful pressure test conducted, and I’m pleased to say this was fine. Packed up, dropped the crew, and went home

Engineer is happy, plant manager is happy, contractor is happy, my bank account will be happy!

Tomorrow I can make up for today’s lost fishing time. That’s the thing with this contracting, sometimes we work like slaves for weeks on end, then it get’s slow, and fishing takes its place. Although I’m looking forward to the December/January period when a lot of industry shuts for maintenance. Already nearly fully booked for those weeks, from early Dec right through.

At least the better half is supportive – tells me it’s great, we get more time together than many families. And even enjoys a bit of fishing. I’m a lucky bloke!

Hoping Friday will also be a slow day – the planned excursion up the coast is on, accommodation booked  for the weekend. It will be really good if we can get in an extra day – the chalet is available, but more on that another time.

OK, I’m going to fiddle with the fishing gear; re-stock the tackle bag, take some bait out of the deep freeze, Make a note of anything that needs buying before the weekend.

Cheers all


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