Fishing and Dolphins


Fishing and Dolphins

Dolphins surfing – what a great sight to start the day with. (Or to end an early morning fishing session).

I either misread the weather signs last evening, or saw the wrong forecast. After expecting a fine morning, the reality was not so pleasant; windy and cool. Not winter cold, just brisk.

I have no good catches to mention today. Only a few Elf that confidently ate my pilchard bait, in the safe knowledge that it’s closed season, and they would  be safely released. Small ones anyway; most of the larger Elf are still way up the coast in Natal on their annual spawning migration. They’ll be back soon now though.

Had to pack up early, soon after sun-up (what sun?) to go to work. I did intend to throw a  bait this evening, but ended up working late. In fact I just got home about an hour ago, and tomorrow work starts early, so no morning fishing for me.

Maybe in the late afternoon, we’ll have to see. I know from past experience the kind of job tomorrow can either be finished ahead of schedule, or way over. Never on time, or so it seems.

It’s Monday, so only 4 more days before the weekend, and there’s talk about heading out-of-town for the weekend, up Cape St Francis way for some rock angling from the beach, lighthouse point (Seals) or maybe the Kromme River.

(Sorry about the photo quality – I guess the lens had sea-spray on it)


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