The First Scribbling

Well, here I am with my first blog, and the first post.

I must admit it was not my idea, rather I got talked into trying out wordpress. I am wanting a website for my business, and need to decide on the type of site  I will have designed. I want something that won’t need a professional to update constantly, that is fairly simple to use, and will be able to grow is really important to me.

I am fortunate in knowing someone experienced with web sites to discuss all the options available, and this colleague suggested I try a wordpress blog to see what it is all about, and showed me how to sign up and a few other things, like choosing a theme.

My colleague said I could just write about anything that came to mind. The first thing that happened after signing up and finding an e-mail to confirm my mail address, was a blank stare at the computer screen. Where to go from here. what to write, will anyone else want to read it?

The first thing that came to mind was to write about why I started the blog. Suddenly, as I started typing I realised there were things I could write about. The village I live in, the people, fishing, the country…

So here I am, with my first blog


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